Wednesday, January 27, 2010

her story mine should i start my story..a true one..i met this girl..let's call her V..i met V a year back..the first time i saw her i was like..this girl is something..that is back where im still studying in matriculation..(omg..people will know about this when they read..well watever)..back to the i met her??..she n me are in the same class..glad that we're in the same class..i remember..the first time we talk..i think its about some task..or ice breaking..i couldn't really recall back..but during one of the ice breaking session..she's got a nickname title..(perenang) first i was like..peranang??..ok is this girl swimmer or something..haha..its quite funny though..the way she at first sight..than i ask for her number..omigod..wat am i least i've got a solid reason for asking her number..i don't remember but its got something to do with some task or homework..and she gave it to me..hell yeah..then i ask she's taken..then she answered yes..FUCK!!..ok..someone make me dissapear into thin air..omg..but then she added..its rather complicated..and i was like..hell yeah!!..haha..that night me n V spend some long hours texting each this point..she's all im thinking of..although i think dat im so bad trying to snatch away someone's gf..but at that time things are rather complicated for i decided not to..then a week after that..i receive 1 fucking asshole news..we're gonna reshuffle again..meaning me n her will not gonna be in d same class..fuck!!!..i curse whoever behind the reshuffling thingy..urgh..n so..we're not in the same class anymore...;((( this makes me n her texting alot during the nite..till some point i ask her the question..dun really remember..but not long as she's mine..n about her bf..or should i say ex..well..screwd loves is actualy blooming around us..u know..haha..things are going smoothly for us..we go out..the didnt learn anything..then during the weekends..we go out..but not so much..coz she's having church on saturday n mine on sunday..but we still manage to find time to go out..and then it was my fault..who brings our love cam crashing down shattered like a glass hitting the floor..and then me emotional state gets the best of me..u know dat song from katy perry hot n cold..dat is so me..i can be nice to her n after that its the other way around..when im moody i wouldnt reply her text or calls..but she's always be ther for me..when im having problem..she'll help me..console me..motivate me..she's an angel..n wat i did to her..she deserve someone better than that me and her has become just friend..ONLY..things would b a whole lot different..and for this coming valentine day..i just hope that she finds the right guy for him..who treat her the way she should b treated and love..x0x0 V..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I cry for the time
that you were almost mine,
I cry for the memories
I've left behind,
I cry for the pain,
the lost, the old the new,
I cry for the times
I thought I had you

If you don't know,
then ask me.
If you don't agree,
then argue with me.
If you don't like,
then say it to me.
But don't keep silent
and judge me.


Have you ever been in love?
Horrible isn't it?
It makes you so vulnerable.
It opens your chest
and it opens up your heart
and it means that someone
can get inside you and mess you up.
You build up all these defenses,
you build up a whole suit of armor,
so that nothing can hurt you,
then one stupid person,
no different from
any other stupid person,
wanders into your stupid life...
You give them a piece of you.
They didn't ask for it.
They did something dumb one day,
like kiss you or smile at you,
and then your life
isn't your own anymore.
Love takes hostages.
It gets inside you.
It eats you out and
leaves you crying in the darkness,
so simple a phrase like
'maybe we should be just friends'
turns into a glass splinter
working its way into your heart.
It hurts.
Not just in the imagination.
Not just in the mind.
It's a soul-hurt,
a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

doc love do i start this..lots of people asking me why r u still im not really in the mood to a relationship at the moment..reality check..i learn my mistake from the last relationship dat i've..i gotta say dat it was a wild ride dat i tried to keep on holding..but at some point..u gotta let it go..n now im single n loving it..i think here i am..watching all the couples around GOD..some was really in love..some just having a not-to-carry-the-world attitude..pity their i just have this bright fucking idea..of being a DOCTOR LOVE..WTF am i is so self proclaim of myself..u know..just like dat movie HITCH..yup..dats so into my head right now..but seriously..GOSH..haha..anyway..i love hearing my friends relationship problem..they were just too much for them to handle..awww...sum of them didn't even deserve to be trated that way..basically my p.o.v on this is..both person SHOULD n MUST understand each the sense that they know what their partner wants, needs, feels n u need to accept all the flaws in ur partner..if u wanna live wit him/her till d end of life..or should i say till 2012..(lol) more thing..curiousity always kill the the less u know the better..BUT it doesnt meant u should never knows whats going on..just dun exceed ur limit..and one more thing..JEALOUSY is NOT THE BEST POLICY(sumtimes) u dun go blindly accusing ur partner as a cheater..if so..then it will turn to i'll-dump-u-u-dump-me situation..if u doesnt have it..screwd u..!! will not last..sumtime i think dat LOVE is MAYBE just LUST..n so i created this:


GOSH..THAT JUST RYHME..LOL..haha..think my crappiness should end here..just a piece of not-so-helping-advise and obvious blah blah blah from me..depend on my fellow reader(if there is any) give it a thought..take it or leave it..c ya..till next time..

from hitch 2
;) :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


hye'all...a new blog for me..i've deleted my blog in my wordpress n is now making a new blog here..still the same old ups my very down n my very mixed up feeling and dilemma..the dude dat says a lot of fucked up things..i live wit dat..dat should be enuff for now..juz a VERY brief intro about ma blog..blah blah blah...i guess no one will read my blog so imma write watever i think n feel..a wide use of FUCK if u may ya people..;)