Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NO more!

i wanna make a shout out..
lately..i am not myself..
i've been a pain in the ass for people around me
i've been a fucking child n all i do
is create drama n be a trouble maker

n so...
i is best for me..
to deactivate n dlete my facebook account..
no more fb for me..
n i gonna miss fb so much...

im gonna miss my post..
when me posting my status..
my friend liking it..
dropping some coment..
i luv dat feeling..
but after 11.59pm tonite..there's no more..

no more uploading picture..
people liking it..
confirming my fren request
comenting on my fren post..
chatting in the chat box
private messaging..
n not to forget..
poking... gonna miss u..
a year ++ of fb-ing change me..
leaving the world..
im gonna miss my fren..
n all i can do is..
wish them the best in life..
bye fb..