Tuesday, April 20, 2010

together is not always forever..

yeah..stop calling me..
im trying to forget u...
but forgetting u is harder than i thought
i still luv u V..
n i know u still luv me
but i'm ready to let u go..
dat conversation we last had
make me realize
that we r not meant to be together..
no matter how strong our luv is..
there are other guys 4 u out there
i know there's a reason of our
on n off relationship..
thanx for always being there
all the time when we're together
when i need u the most
but now..
im trying to be stronger
by doing it alone
im ignoring u
so that i can forget bout u..
n i'm trying really hard
V i hope u understand..
i know its hard..
i don't belong here wit u..
i need to move on here..
n get over us..
it is written that we're together
but we're not destined to be together 4ever..
i pray that
u will find sumbody for my replacement
n thanx for the memories we've together..
ur my fist love that i would never forget.. sorry..
take care..n i hope u forget me..