Wednesday, October 13, 2010

T i love u so much!!!

hey here again..:) going to talk bout my life
my fucked up life
so my readers..since this blog is basically bout my life
so dealt wit it ok..
complainer n whiner can go fuckurself

i fall in love...
i wish i can tell the whole world who this person isbut....
i cant..

we met in facebook.
p/s:..i actually have set my eyes on this T a long time ago
but i dun wanna add Ti just wait..a few months past
and then just the end of this september
T add me as fren
i was like...wat??!!
so i was literally smiling to my ears..
confirming T

n we started to pm
den i told her dat i used to admire her
but dont dare to
add T as fren.i just love dat moment.
i love T so much

haha..den i ask to be in a rltnship
T hesitate.
there is term n condition applied..
T wanna meet 1st before we jump into a relationship
i was like...ok.....
T said we'll met in miri..1 months 13 days from now
i said yes
i'll wait 4 T
1 month 13 days is nothingn T said
dat she love me too..

awww...i was in love wit T
falling hard!!
we chat..we text..
we webcam..we call each other
for the past few days
i spend almost rm50 on my hp
its worth it
i love T
btw:..T is so fucking tall..n im dat shortay..;(
i wish i can tell the whole world dat i love T
so damn fucking much
its good dat we're both in miri.
but due to some circumstances
we can go tell people dat we love each other
me n T decided dat
"its a secret we'll nvr tell..xoxo..GG"
but i post this in my blog
coz im sure nobody knows who T is
please dun ask why
the only thing dat matter isI LOVE T!

1 MONTH and 13 days sayang
i'll wait..i love u
i'll always b ur dior!
the perfume dat sticks to ur body

p/s:..dat is the story of my personal relationship life..about my study..well..nothing like a fucking asshole least my rlationshp got bettr

I LOVE U T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!