Friday, February 12, 2010

sorry 4 myself

and here i am again.feeling sorry for myself..this past few weeks have been a not so good for me..more like discovering who i am..i guess thats a little too late for it huh..
this is a story about a guy who has nothing to offer to the world..those who reads this post might think that he's just a pathethic good for nothing guy who is too ordinary that he feels useless in the bog world he's living..he's that short guy..very short..159cm..5'2..and he's 20 y.o..too short for his age that he feels so insecure..he can't model coz he's short dark and his pimplish that is one horible being..lool..he knows nothing..he's taking civil engineering and he's that dumb ass..he's not clever but he's so lazy to study..wonder what is on his loves music..A LOT..but he can't even play a fucking instrument and can't even sing a single note..pity him..he got nothing special about himself..nothing that makes him special that the world would recognize..he got a girlfriend before..but he dumped her..thinking that he's not good for that's wat i called stupid..i dont know what holds for him in the future..he suck's in his own life..i wonder he will survived his life or life just get the better part of him..all he can see about himself is just all the negativity and flaws..there's no extra special about himself..not the best looking guy..maybe the worst..i hope the world eats him alive..he's good for nothing..owh..i forgot to tell u guys who he is..he's the owner of this blog............................................RIP>>>>>>