Monday, June 28, 2010


hye guys..its me..ric the so bored so i decided to blog sumthing about..this time its so all of u know..i was hospitalized last week 4 dengue..not to worry..its not really dengue..after further diagnosed by the doc..i just caught viral fever..
its a virus infection that cause fever to me..i was so body temperature rise but i feel so cold at that time..i was literally trembling my shaky bones..i even hv difficulty in breathing..its like i've suffocated myself..seriously..i thought i was going to die..n so i was hospitalized..i'll skip the process..the doc just inserted 2 IV's on both side of my hand..they said there's not much water inside my body..n suprise suprise my only cure is water..i think i hv a LOT of those water bottle they inserted thru the IV..i even need to measure my own urine when i pee..ewww!!..that is like the most disgusted gross things that a person ever do..i mean..measure ur own urine..urgh!!..

after 3 days..i was released...yea me..but my 3 days in the hospital was an eye opener to me..i saw people died in front of is short..there was this old man..his bed is right in front of me..he has dis breathing thingy on his face to help him breathe..i was in the toilet at that time..only to hear people suddenly crying..that man just passed away..may him rest in peace above..n my condolences to the family..

i think that bed in front of me really hv bad mojo..the next occupants in it is in critical condition..again with the IV n a lot of breathing device connected to him..he was regularly supervised n monitored by the doc's n nurse..this grandpa came from a strong christian family..they have all gathered there to pray for the poor grandpa..n i think their prayer has been answered..he was in stable condition although he haven't woke up yet..thats the last thing i know bout him before i was discharged..i hope he recover soon coz he hv a very loving family behind him..

the rest of the patients in the ward is just like me..i saw a lot of love in the room..there's this very old couple..the husband was lying down in bed sick..the the wife is there wit him all the time..this old couple shows me that life is short n that they will survived it broke my heart to see them undergoes this challenges at this age..there's also this teenage guy n his dad..his dad cares for him like he was his life..bringing him food..warming him up..making sure everything is fine wit his boy..they show compassion to me..

hospital for me is just a departure hall..u were there at this very critical moment..its either u survived it or ur not..if u do then live ur life..coz life is short..if u didnt make it..its heaven..or hell..being in the hospital makes me realized all the small things that brings up big impact on ur life..thinking that my life is cut short..i reminiscing all the sins i've commited..given a second chance is an eye opener to me..thats all for this post till next time..take care..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

wats luv 4 u??

wats luv...
gotta do gotta do wit it girl..
its bout us..its bout trust..

dats just a lyrics quoting from fat joe ft ashanti
yup..wats luv to u??
i've been thinking bout this lately..
people falling in luv..
people hating luv..

u know wat??..people said those 3 words..
i luv u..
do they really meant it..
do they even know wat luv is??
no..they dont

luv is the best feeling in the world..
u luv the person u loved 4 who they r..
not 4 who they r not..
u need to accept them..
all the flaws.. usually accepts the flaws..
not so sincerely..
now thats a bad mojo..

when u luv sum1..
eventhough how bad-ass they could be
how irritating they are
how annoying ur partner is..
all u can do is accepting them..
its about acceptance..

luv is bout trust..
u need to trust them wit all ur heart..
if ur gf/bf said they luv u... them..
n please...4 god sake!!
don't be too jealous over each other..
when they're late on replying
ur messages n calls..
do not act like ur a volcano dats about to errupt..
n do not jump to conclusion..
maybe sumthing holding them up..
like i said b4..
loving ur partner is trusting ur partner
coz they're the one u wanna live 4 d rest of ur day

when two peoples are
madly deeply in luv wit each other
there is always a bitter sweet memory that they shared together..
luv is not a skin deep feeling..
like u see this hot guy...
tall..handsome..perfect body..n u fall 4 him..@
pretty..smoking hot bikini body n flipping hair..n u fall 4 her
now honey!!
its not love..its LUST..

summing all the craps that i just wrote..
luv is about
if u do not have this 3 things..
cut the bullshit out by not saying i luv u..
coz they might just believe it..

p/s:a luv point of view from mr hopeless romantic..

i've no idea wat title i should gv bout this post

hell-O!!..its me again..
ur over-emotional blogger..
dropping down some words in his blog..
its been exactly a month
since my last post..
that i haven't put out a new entry..

wats new on me??
nothing..i've been the same
since the last time u see me
@ heard from me..
i've got a flat n boring life..
u'll get bored of me eventually

im glad dat people are giving me compliment..
my friends in facebook..
u know...
saying..oh..ur handsome..(blah!!)
ur cute!..(eeww!)
ur nice n fun..

the problem wit me is
i cant see myself thru my friends eyes..
idk wat they saw in me
its just dat its hard 4 me to believe
all the compliment

maybe its cuz of my very low(how low can i go) self confidence
i hv problem wit dat..
when people complimented me..
i just turn them down..
n saying like..
"oh puhleezz..when u see me in real life, i swear..
ur gonna take all ur compliments back"
n guess totally okay wit it

now..this may sounds weird..
but i prefer people telling me all my flaws
1)pimple face!
dats how i feel about myself..
not the other way round..

n believe me my beloved friends..
im not as nice as i look in the picture..
u dun wanna know
n by that..
dat u never thought i did..

now..thats enough of me bragging about watever this stuff is..
on to the next post..
p/ result..FAILED