Tuesday, March 15, 2011


u know u melt my heart
oh fuck u!!
den u break my heart
ur heartless midget creature!!

im not serious wit this i love u thingy
it gives me the creeps of jeepers creepers
but wat i hate the most is dat u lied??!!
u dont deserve my friendship
nor my relationship
cuz u lied

i hope dat when the two of u go out on a date
u gonna wear red matching shirts
n im gonna release a herd of bulls
n hopfully
those bulls runs over the two of u
yea!..for gonna attend ur funeral..;)

when im moody
i tend to see all the bad in people
in EVERYTHING to be exact
im gonna ignore those who talked to me
or chat
or watever
me n my facebook
lets just say dat we're frenemies
screwd u facebookers
there certain facebookers
who i think
selling themself out to the world
listen here honey
ur ugly
u add people who u didnt even know
like seriously??
n u like people's status?
GAWD!!..u must be fucking retard
desperate attention seeker!!

people people people!!
say wat u want
i know
a lot of people hate me!
they dislikes me
n when i said a lot
its A LOT!
but first
lemme tell u
why dun u walk in my shoes
whether it hurts or not
n if u have some free time
try to undergo wat i've experienced through out my life
den u can say all the fucked up things about me
yea u!

n people wit excuses
i really hope dat i can stare at u so deeply
dat u burst into flame
excuses equals to
a)i dun wanna help u
b)u iritates me
c)i lied
dats about the reason why i think people give excuses
so..erm..excuse me..
u r one disfucntional creature!

reality slaps me in the face..really hard..dat its gonna leave a mark!
n karma is bitch..cuz when it goes around..
be gonna be bad when it comes around.
urs truly
ur love/hate disoriented n not to mention
dangerously good looking short guy
dat has a wreck up world to live on
chou bellla!!