Friday, March 19, 2010

its a girl girl world...

ok..boys out there..imma give u some info/facts about on behalf of all the boys dude guys gay(although they're gay they're still a goin to take a risk talking about girls that make our world go round..OUR WORLD..lmao..first of all a girl will always be girl..they're the drama queen of our i'm gonna get real..every body knows girls have boobs(lol)..n the private parts..(i wanna mention bout it..but nahh..everybody should know..right)..n they got thats wat a girl is made..(sory for the transgender..ur not in the list..rofl)..

now..that should do for the intro..every guys shoud hv a girl in their life..p/s im still single..anyone..haha
..girl complete our life..n girls has a completely complicated variety of types in this world..the first one is the pretty every guys luv this type..this type is so pretty inside out..n now im searching for one of them..they didn't need photoshop editing their photos coz they r so very pretty in a natural way..n their thats a bonus right there..warmhearted, loving caring understanding thoughtful..just a very angelic characteristic..a nice human being a pure untouchable piece of soul..i love u..whoever has that in their soul..AND there are this very pretty girl dat is so about mean girls..ever watch it..girls n chicks out there..ur sooo pretty but inside..OMG..TRASH ON A TRAMPOLIN OR A TRAMP IN A TRAMPOLIN..this type is so mean a BITCH..SLUT..POSER n FAKE..wat else??..did i miss anything out..a backstabber in lost of word describing this type of girl..

now the ugly girl..they r not ugly..they're just unique in their own way..reality check this type of girl is so good at heart..they r way more better than those whore..damn please respect this type of girl..n disrespect the bitches..haha..girl came in many shape n this should be fun..there's the thin thinny like a stick..a just right; all the proportion is at the right places..n the big/plus thin one is like those model u see in runway or photoshoot...AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL much??..they can be so anorexic..girls..u dun look pretty if ur a broom stick..put up some weight will ya..guys dun like thinny weeny its bad 4 ur health..VERY BAD...n they just right body..need i explain more??..they are perfect..pleez...maintain n keep up wat ur mama give ya..shake it dun break it girl..lool..n the offense..there are always excercising for u..pleez i beg lipo suction..very bad 4 ur health..n alert on wat u put inside ur mouth..just live a healthy life style than u get a better life..

girls feeling is so complicated..its as complicated as ur trying to solve an equation of calculus algebra + mechanics of calculation..they r so vulnerable sensitive n..........??? dun mess wit girls feeling..when they love u..they mean it..even if ur the ugliest human being in the their eyes..ur perfect..treat them like wat they deserve..its like this tag u see in shops/malls..once broke consider sold..or in this case..if u broke a girl hearts..they broke urs(some of them)..they r so sensitive..their weapon is the tears..the tears can make or break u..girls need attention..n treat them like how u treated ur PS2,3 @ 4..handle them wit care n respect them..girls matured earlier than us guys..4 me..nah...we r more @ less the same..if ur in that time girls need A LOT OF attention n luv..texting and sms-ing is a must..if not they are going to put their sulking face up..when girl sulks..its hard to comfort so bad at comforting girl..maybe thats the reason why im single now..girls can be so determined n strong matter who or wat u r..when they love u they really mean it..even if u guys spend a lot of time playing COD, L4D, DOTA, PES..they can still hv the patience wit us..jus dun get them mad..reply their sms asap..

girls ha a huge allergic on camera..need i to say more on it..CAMWHORING..when there's a camera in their hand..snap2..wit all the i laugh at them..all those do-look-cute pose..OMG..n they LOVES to POUT..u know..the thing they do wit their mouth when snapping pics..gosh..GIRLS..u dun have to pout..u look pretty without pouting..when u POUT..U LOOK UGLY LIKE A TRASH CAN..N U LOOK STUPID too..sorry for that..

i think thats all about my thoughts on girls..a big APOLOGIZE if u hate it..well thats the truth..girls need boys n boys need peace drop a comment if i miss anything out..take care fellas!!..

lady gaga ROCKS my telephone..:)