Wednesday, January 27, 2010

her story mine should i start my story..a true one..i met this girl..let's call her V..i met V a year back..the first time i saw her i was like..this girl is something..that is back where im still studying in matriculation..(omg..people will know about this when they read..well watever)..back to the i met her??..she n me are in the same class..glad that we're in the same class..i remember..the first time we talk..i think its about some task..or ice breaking..i couldn't really recall back..but during one of the ice breaking session..she's got a nickname title..(perenang) first i was like..peranang??..ok is this girl swimmer or something..haha..its quite funny though..the way she at first sight..than i ask for her number..omigod..wat am i least i've got a solid reason for asking her number..i don't remember but its got something to do with some task or homework..and she gave it to me..hell yeah..then i ask she's taken..then she answered yes..FUCK!!..ok..someone make me dissapear into thin air..omg..but then she added..its rather complicated..and i was like..hell yeah!!..haha..that night me n V spend some long hours texting each this point..she's all im thinking of..although i think dat im so bad trying to snatch away someone's gf..but at that time things are rather complicated for i decided not to..then a week after that..i receive 1 fucking asshole news..we're gonna reshuffle again..meaning me n her will not gonna be in d same class..fuck!!!..i curse whoever behind the reshuffling thingy..urgh..n so..we're not in the same class anymore...;((( this makes me n her texting alot during the nite..till some point i ask her the question..dun really remember..but not long as she's mine..n about her bf..or should i say ex..well..screwd loves is actualy blooming around us..u know..haha..things are going smoothly for us..we go out..the didnt learn anything..then during the weekends..we go out..but not so much..coz she's having church on saturday n mine on sunday..but we still manage to find time to go out..and then it was my fault..who brings our love cam crashing down shattered like a glass hitting the floor..and then me emotional state gets the best of me..u know dat song from katy perry hot n cold..dat is so me..i can be nice to her n after that its the other way around..when im moody i wouldnt reply her text or calls..but she's always be ther for me..when im having problem..she'll help me..console me..motivate me..she's an angel..n wat i did to her..she deserve someone better than that me and her has become just friend..ONLY..things would b a whole lot different..and for this coming valentine day..i just hope that she finds the right guy for him..who treat her the way she should b treated and love..x0x0 V..