Thursday, June 17, 2010

wats luv 4 u??

wats luv...
gotta do gotta do wit it girl..
its bout us..its bout trust..

dats just a lyrics quoting from fat joe ft ashanti
yup..wats luv to u??
i've been thinking bout this lately..
people falling in luv..
people hating luv..

u know wat??..people said those 3 words..
i luv u..
do they really meant it..
do they even know wat luv is??
no..they dont

luv is the best feeling in the world..
u luv the person u loved 4 who they r..
not 4 who they r not..
u need to accept them..
all the flaws.. usually accepts the flaws..
not so sincerely..
now thats a bad mojo..

when u luv sum1..
eventhough how bad-ass they could be
how irritating they are
how annoying ur partner is..
all u can do is accepting them..
its about acceptance..

luv is bout trust..
u need to trust them wit all ur heart..
if ur gf/bf said they luv u... them..
n please...4 god sake!!
don't be too jealous over each other..
when they're late on replying
ur messages n calls..
do not act like ur a volcano dats about to errupt..
n do not jump to conclusion..
maybe sumthing holding them up..
like i said b4..
loving ur partner is trusting ur partner
coz they're the one u wanna live 4 d rest of ur day

when two peoples are
madly deeply in luv wit each other
there is always a bitter sweet memory that they shared together..
luv is not a skin deep feeling..
like u see this hot guy...
tall..handsome..perfect body..n u fall 4 him..@
pretty..smoking hot bikini body n flipping hair..n u fall 4 her
now honey!!
its not love..its LUST..

summing all the craps that i just wrote..
luv is about
if u do not have this 3 things..
cut the bullshit out by not saying i luv u..
coz they might just believe it..

p/s:a luv point of view from mr hopeless romantic..

i've no idea wat title i should gv bout this post

hell-O!!..its me again..
ur over-emotional blogger..
dropping down some words in his blog..
its been exactly a month
since my last post..
that i haven't put out a new entry..

wats new on me??
nothing..i've been the same
since the last time u see me
@ heard from me..
i've got a flat n boring life..
u'll get bored of me eventually

im glad dat people are giving me compliment..
my friends in facebook..
u know...
saying..oh..ur handsome..(blah!!)
ur cute!..(eeww!)
ur nice n fun..

the problem wit me is
i cant see myself thru my friends eyes..
idk wat they saw in me
its just dat its hard 4 me to believe
all the compliment

maybe its cuz of my very low(how low can i go) self confidence
i hv problem wit dat..
when people complimented me..
i just turn them down..
n saying like..
"oh puhleezz..when u see me in real life, i swear..
ur gonna take all ur compliments back"
n guess totally okay wit it

now..this may sounds weird..
but i prefer people telling me all my flaws
1)pimple face!
dats how i feel about myself..
not the other way round..

n believe me my beloved friends..
im not as nice as i look in the picture..
u dun wanna know
n by that..
dat u never thought i did..

now..thats enough of me bragging about watever this stuff is..
on to the next post..
p/ result..FAILED