Thursday, September 9, 2010


its been like 4ever since i last post sumthing here..
hello there my fellow 21 followers..
luv u..
n those who read my blog
if any..i bet no one read it..

my post 4 today is about facebooking..
.im undergo my 2 weeks of boring holidays
and all i do is facebooking
like every single minute of my whole lot hols..

facebook is for people to catch up wit frens
from around the world
wat i realised bout facebook is
the facebooker is fake not real plastic n hypocrite
not all facebooker
just some of it

people removes me
from their fren
wat the fuck!
wat did i do to u
u add me up
then u remove me
fuck u!

some of my fren says to me
"racq..u r so annoying in facebook..i mean ur post full my news feed"
aww...i did...dats bad..
well if dats d case
u r cordially invited to remove me frm ur fren
but when i did nothing to u..
and out of the blue
u remove me..
dats a fucker douchebag right there

n facebooker is like so fake
i saw sum of my fren having their profile pic so hot!
too bad its not theirs..
they took it frm the celebutons..
awww...ur ashamed of ur ugliness.. ugly too..but my profile pic is real..

n people add me up..
n i confirm them..
n dats it??!!
ur not going to say sumthing
wats the first sentnce whn u wanna b fren wit someone new?
i hate it!
if u just added me to fill in ur fren list
u better not add me though..

people add other people based on their profile pics
if u have this hot bombastic flawless pic
u'll be a one hit wonder of the internet sensation
having like 5000 frens me...ur not connecting wit all of them
maybe its not ur fault
they add u up..
or vice versa...

facebook is for new people meeting new people..
connecting..make new frens
even create a long distant relationship
so why not do it?
??.....people nowadays..
is hard to predict..
this is my view on facebook