Friday, November 26, 2010

roll eyes...@__@

its usual..a very boring 1..
how'd u doin..
ok..i sounded crapd out!
i've done nothing..

ok...erm..its FB
u know how much i spend like my 25/7 of hours on fb..
n it irritates me
my friends..not all of them..
just some of them only

a)i have some friends..apparently..some of them are korean artist..
hollywood too..n even models n sports athlete..
fuck them! seriously..use ur own fucking picture ok..
i know u r fucking ugly..dun care..just dun use some celeb pics..shame n u!!

b)my frens..oh frens...why do u bother to add me up!
den u didn't even interact wit me..oh..u fucking asshole..
wat??!!..adding me just to fill up ur fren list
u pathehtic lil asshole cunt!!
dat applied to both my male n female fren
who never NEVER say a word n interact wit me

urgh!!..damn it!! full of anger..!!

n seriously guys???!!!
why n how can u fall for me
u gross liltle creature..
yah..i good looking
handsome n all..
but we haven't met
so NO..its a big NO-NO
u just went to another rejected list of mine
hey...slow down ur horses
lets know each other better..
met up..hang out..
then we can figure things out..

n a friendly reminder..
this is my blog..
i blogged about my life..
i know its kinda boring
but i like it..
n u haters out there(if any)
dun bother to read
cuz this is not a sex blog..a gossip celebrity blog..a educational blog
or even politic..
just a story of my life..

bla bla bla
ok racq..u blabbered way too much..
see ya peeps!!
i wanna dlete some fren..