Tuesday, May 18, 2010

liar liar pants on fire

liar a liar
everyone..every people on this planet earth lied
no big deal..
i lied to people around me
they lied to me..
we're even

we lied coz we need to
coz the truth hurts
dats it
people lie just so
their deepest darkest secret
is kept a secret and nobody should know bout it
we lied coz people expect too much from us
n we didn't met their expectation
so a lie is wat we need to create
just to c their smile..

to me is a variation of fake words
i lied about my feelings..
i lied about wat i did..
i called people fakes..
but im just like them..
i lied to my frens
to everyone.
i create lies after lies after lies just to cover up a single lies

i dun wanna come clean
i need to open up to people
but i can't
i did it already
nobody needs to know bout my lie..
its better if u dun know the truth
or the truth might make u
crumbling down to the ground
losing faiths n hopes n me
n making u a teary eyed
that will never subside
n things will never be the same again between
u me us n them