Wednesday, November 9, 2011

heart under construction

2nd time around
with the same person
and the result is still the same
rejected twice!

i didn't see this coming
(okay..maybe i did)
there's signs that this gonna happen
im trying to ignore the fact though

it is always me who start a chat session first
it is always me saying i love u i miss u first
and our first meeting
i know it didnt go well

i remember u said
that u gonna proposed me today
n so..dat day is gonna b a day..
like any other day of my year

i dun understand
u said to me
"im yours ur mine"
where did it go?
n u said
looks don't matter
apparently i guess it did to u

reading back our skype chat
i feel like i'm gonna crack up
u rthe first thing i checked
when i logged on fb
although it ends last nite
9 hours ago

i still wanna know wat happen to u
why the sudden change
do u have someone else in minds
do u love someone else
question left unanswered

never mind
i'll never find someone like u
i need to get myself back together
get my head held high
put a fake smile
faking a laugh
i'll be okay
i wish nothing but the best for u
sometime it last in love but some time it hurts instead